Redemption has made us all storytellers. Our stories are not just our stories, but stories of an Almighty God redeeming rebellious, hopeless people. God redeemed you, and He gave you a story to testify to the coming generations—that Christ is the only Redeemer.

Testimonies are unique because they are both relational and theological. It is the message of the transformative work of salvation “in the flesh” of someone who has received it. People are drawn in and intrigued by such a story.

I want you all to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me. — Daniel 4:2

How God saved you from death is not a snooze fest. However, you got to that moment in your life is a story bathed in grace and held by the cross. It’s a story of life-changing transformation! And your testimony isn’t limited to just the moment you decided to follow Jesus. It’s the entire journey. At different points in your life God has been at work in different ways, and those experiences will relate with different people at different times.

It’s important for us to reflect on how God has been at work in our lives. We’ll discover parts of our story that can be relevant to others and recognize the moments where they apply.

Remember: it’s all about Jesus.

Our testimonies didn’t happen to draw attention to ourselves. They’re about pointing people to the Author of our stories, Jesus Christ—our Rescuer, our Saviour.

If we look at the apostle Paul, he had an unreal testimony. He was out killing Christians when God blinded Paul by a bright light and asked him what he was doing. And Paul turned his life around. But Paul talked way more about Jesus than himself. He actually only mentions his story a handful of times throughout Scripture, but writes letters and letters about Jesus.

No one should come away from your testimony and think: “Man, that guy is a hero.” Jesus is the hero. He died for your sins. He breathed life into your dead lungs. He gave you life—give him all credit. You didn’t “find God.” God died on a cross, and His redemption found you.

We respond to a proactive and heroic Jesus. What’s your story?