Not the Starting Point – THE Point.

photo jessy

Not the starting point – THE point.

The message of the gospel is our cause. We trust that God will give us opportunities where through personal witness, Christ can be lifted up and draw all men to Himself.

Surprisingly, it is easy to leave the message of the gospel behind us. We do this when we believe we needed the cross to get saved, but we don’t need it as much today.  It’s like we ‘re saying, “Thank you Jesus for the cross – we’ll take it from here.” We can relate to the gospel like we need the cross to get us in, but it’s our great post–salvation growth and works that will “keep us in”. Even though we’re Canadian, we often act like Galatians. (Who bewitched us??)

If we slip into that line of thinking (which we do), the cause of sharing the gospel ceases to compel us. We might share it from a place of obligation, but not genuine thankfulness.

The cross is NOT the starting point in the life of the believer. It is THE point.