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Send Me participants have shared over 50,000 Gospels of John! Let’s continue sharing HOPE!

My generation wants to see God’s Word change the world—that’s why we join the Send Me movement. Sharing God’s Word can be intimidating and challenging. It isn’t something we can do all alone. But if we all work together, we can use God’s Word and Send Me to make an impact.

– Joel White, Newfoundland

I talked to a youth who is a foster child dealing with a lot of different issues. I was able to speak truth and hope into her life, and when I gave her the Gospel of John, she opened up. God’s Word is a conversation tool. It gives us “an excuse” to talk to people and share the gospel. With God’s Word, sharing is not just a conversation about temporal things; you get to leave people with something eternal. I got to leave this foster girl with something eternal.”

– Katherine, Newfoundland

“I got the Bible from someone involved with Send Me. it speaks about God. I am trying to read it every day.”

– Tania, Moldova

“They gave me a Bible and bracelet. I have been reading Bible for the long time, now I began to read New Testament and I found there many answers to my questions. I like your Bible, because it is very small and I can put it into my pocket. Especially I like the app New Life on my Android. It is really great program. There are answers on the questions about: what is sin, Who is God? I want to say thanks for the team from Canada, come to us again and good luck!”

— Eric, 13 years old


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