– Mike Beecraft

Remember back to the brief (you’ll get that joke in a second) window of popularity that the internet gave to the song “Pants on the Ground?” In proper viral fashion, this musical marvel rapidly reached the level of internet gold—before fading back into obscurity—singing about the foolishness of wearing pants so low they are seemingly on the ground. I have to agree; the trend makes no sense.

Having one’s pants fall down is instant embarrassment. Maybe you can relate with a pants-falling-down story, in which you were left red-faced and having elements revealed which you would’ve rather kept hidden.

Thankfully, there is a precaution one can take to prevent this wardrobe malfunction: the belt! It’s a simple device designed to keep your pants up and securely fastened.

Scripturally, we have a belt. Ephesians 6:14 describes the “belt of truth,” which is to be girded around our waists.

Truth is a much-needed but highly-debated facet of life. We live in a world where truth has become relative, and absolute truth absolutely cannot exist (which is an absolute statement, by the way).

But humans need truth. We need to know what life and reality are founded on. As believers, we have a truth that is absolutely true and absolutely needed. This truth has been placed around our waist to hold our spiritual “pants” up.

Interestingly, the belt of truth is the first piece mentioned in the armour of God list. I believe this is on purpose, because everything we believe and do as Christians begins with truth. Is Jesus who He said He was, and did Jesus do what the Word says He did? Our answer is yes.

Our truth isn’t a concept or a list of things to trust in. Instead, our truth is a person. Jesus is Truth. In John 14:6, Jesus describes Himself in three “the’s:” the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus is truth incarnate; truth is a person and that person is Christ.

Everything for believers is secured by truth—which is Christ—so, as believers, our pants won’t fall down! We don’t have to walk through life with the fear that we will be embarrassed or exposed. Our truth is secured in the One who is truth.

That being said, there will be those who debate truth until they’re blue in the face. But truth rests in the one who is truth. We can stand with a confidence, not in ourselves but in our Christ, and trust that He has secured us in Him.

What does this mean for you right now? It means that what humanity is searching for, you have. It means you have peace, rest, and comfort. Having Christ be your truth means you have the answer to the biggest questions life can throw at you; you can have peace in that. Once you stop searching for truth because you’ve found it in Him, you have rest—rest from an impossible journey without Christ, and comfort in the fact that you’ve reached your destination.

This is the power of the gospel’s freedom. Knowing and understanding the gospel brings freedom to every aspect of life now and eternity later. So be free in the security that your spiritual pants will never fall down! And rest in the freedom only your Saviour brings.