Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Our Strategic Partnership Coordinators are “people persons” to the max! They love developing relationships with others, and know how to align influential leaders with a cause. They see the opportunities for partnership all around them. When they meet other leaders, speakers, artists, and potential SendMe ambassadors, they are thinking… “How can we work together to reach the world for Christ?”  Our coordinators are well connected in ministry circles and are networking nerds!

Our strategic partnership coordinators gain invaluable experience in partnership development and management, recruitment, and networking. They gain experience working with high-level leaders, artists and speakers, as they connect them to the SendMe movement.

Working with the SendMe manager:

  • Develop and grow our partnerships with brand ambassadors, innovatively and strategically building relationships with influencers, communicating the SendMe vision in a compelling way to garner their interest and involvement.
  • Your goal is to recruit five new partners throughout your internship, and help maintain, manage and develop our current partnerships.
  • Have weekly meetings with artist and speakers to present them with opportunity to be a brand ambassador for SendMe… a part of “The Collective” communicating cause and value propositions.
  • Help develop our partnership contracts with each leader and artist.
  • Seek out events that our brand ambassadors can participate in.
  • Manage our partnership events and schedules.
  • Work with communications to develop the materials our brand ambassadors need to represent us. (ie: media kits, new releases, latest information on our projects…)
  • Manage the brand ambassador portion of our website.
  • Coordinate all reporting on all our brand ambassador contracts and events, keeping track of statistics, rate of return etc.
  • Maintain genuine relationships with our partners, through bi-weekly phone calls, e-blasts, etc.