Fundraising Coordinator

Our Fundraising Coordinators are able to think outside the box when it comes to compelling others to help meet a need. Not only can our fundraising coordinators raise funds, but they can make it something people enjoy doing, they make it something people feel a part of; they connect people to the bigger picture. They make giving contagious, trendy, the cool thing to do.

Our fundraising coordinators gain invaluable experience in planning and coordinating fundraising initiatives nation-wide that raise thousands of dollars that enable us to give Bibles to those without one. From the fundraising concept, creative hook, support and value propositions, to crunching numbers and evaluating success—our fundraising coordinators are committed to the cause, and help mobilize thousands of people to truly make a difference in the lives of others through their financial contributions.

Working with the SendMe manager, YOU:

  • Plan and coordinate 3 creative crowdfunding campaigns a year on behalf of SendMe in order to raise money to give people Bibles who do not have one.
  • Create and implement a strategy to get our participants fundraising with their own crowdfunding pages. Your goal is to have 50 SendMe participants fundraising via crowdfunding throughout the year.
  • Create and implement a strategy for fundraising at our SendMe events.
  • Help coordinate our “text to give” campaign.
  • Develop and implement our merchandise fundraising—selling compelling product for ROI to fundraise for Bibles.
  • Seek out and develop relationships with potential ministry partner donors, and major donors.
  • Create fundraising campaigns surrounding our international SendMe team projects.
  • Create and implement an overall donations strategy to point people to our general donations page to support the SendMe movement.
  • Create reports of statistics of how our fundraising efforts are performing.