Pizza has been universally acknowledged as the world’s best food. And if it hasn’t, it should be. It covers all five of the basic food groups (tomato sauce is fruit), is the most customizable dish out there—from sushi pizza to dessert pizza to my particular favourite, “pear, prosciutto, and gorgonzola” pizza—and as a bonus, it’s absolutely delicious.

Pizza is amazing. Without breaking the bank, you can order it from your joint of choice, get it delivered to just about anywhere, and STILL burn your tongue because you’re too hangry to wait any longer. You can get it at most restaurants, to share with a friend and laugh at the gooey cheese strings that hang off your chins. And if you make your own, raid the fridge. Anything goes when choosing toppings for your masterpiezza.

Sometimes we treat the Gospel like pizza. We’ve got Jesus as our base, with salvation as the sauce and our relationship with God as cheese. Then, we choose our toppings. “I’ll toss some faith, hope, and love, with a handful of good works, a dash of ‘calling,’ and maybe a sprinkle of Old Testament law on there too.”

I’m sure you’ve picked up on some issues here. The first was obviously that I compared Jesus to a lump of dough. It’s not my best analogy, but it makes a point: we’re trying to add to the Gospel, as if it needs more “flavour,” in case it’s not enough.

When Jesus was on the cross—the only perfect man, the Son of God, fulfilling all the law, dying so that we might live—He said three very important words: “It. Is. Finished.” (John 19:30)

The Old Testament (aka covenant) was complete. A new covenant had begun. God ripped the curtain in the inner temple from top to bottom to say that by and through His Son everyone is welcome in His presence (Matt.27:51). We don’t offer up sacrifices anymore when we mess up. Forgiven, once and for all, now we live under the law of grace (Heb.10:10).

Does that hurt your brain a little? I’m not sure I’ll ever fully wrap my mind around it. And that’s okay, you know—not having the answers. I’m still learning, discovering, asking questions, but I can rest in what I already know. Jesus finished it. I don’t have to earn salvation; I just choose Him. My life is transformed by the revelation of His love and the truth sets me free, allowing the Holy Spirit in me to produce “fruit.” Eternity with Christ has already started.

You’ll come across people who are anxious and fearful. You’ll meet some who try SO HARD to live a good life, and some who’ve completely given up and just do their own thing. You’ll know the solution, the way out of the “hamster wheel” and the only way into a meaningful life: Jesus.

Call up your friends. Eat pizza together! Be there for them in the midst of their struggles. Life doesn’t stop happening, but now there’s an anchor for the soul in this storm (Heb.6:19). Get comfortable talking about Jesus and how He’s your hope in the bleakest moments. Through pain and sorrow, we have this miraculous peace, and the joy of our salvation. It’s a slice on this side of forever.