Be A Part of Something BIG.

We all want to do something great; be a part of something big.

Having a heart that says, “Send Me” is that desire within us to point people to Jesus, to the one and only indestructible Hope out there. That’s the “biggest” thing we could ever be apart of.

Four young adults from across Canada have said just that: Here Am I, Send Me—I want to share HOPE with this world.

Those four young adults are travelling to Moldova with SendMe to share the Good News of God’s love at summer camps with hundreds of youth and young adults desperate for hope. You see, in Moldova, with 50% of children growing up as orphans, they have little sense of meaning, purpose, or belonging. They’re often looking for their first ‘out,’ which sadly adds to the statistic of 1 out of 10 people in Moldova being caught up into human trafficking.

Moldova is desperate for the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Meet the team members below, and learn a little bit about them. They would LOVE your support through prayer and finances. Also, here is a link where you can donate to support the trip!

When you support an initiative like this, it isn’t just a few dollars. No—that few dollars turns into lives transformed for eternity! And you become a part of that. We can’t wait to fill you in with incredible stories of what God does on this trip—because you’re a part of this trip too!

Romans 10:15 says, And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

Together, we can share this Good News in Moldova. Thanks so much for your support.

And hey– maybe you are really excited about this and want to come! It may not be too late! Email right away!

Meet the team!

Ashley Bonnell—oh hey! It’s me! I am the Manager of the Send Me ministry and so excited to work alongside three amazing young adults passionate about sharing God’s love as we venture out to Moldova! I can’t wait to see the amazing things God will do in the lives of the youth and young adults we meet.

More on Ashley: Ashley is 24 years old, lives in Kitchener, Ontario and loves to speak, travel, sing, write, shop and cycle!

Kelsey Tuffin—As soon as I heard about this trip to Moldova, I felt a deep tug in my heart and a nudge from the Lord to pursue becoming part of the team. I feel very connected to the mission of bringing hope to youth and showing them the love of their Heavenly Father. In my own personal pursuit of love, I have come to believe in the inherent value and uniqueness of every individual. We are loved so deeply and so fully by such a caring Father. I feel deeply moved to come alongside this amazing, small team of individuals to tell the youth of Moldova, ‘You are loved!’ Join me as I cross the ocean to bring this amazing message of hope and overwhelming love!

More on Kelsey: 23 years old from Baden, ON. Studying at Trinity Western University. First missions trip EVER! Lover of people, coffee, all things vegan and happens to be a professional dancer.

JOSHUA WARD– When I heard about the opportunity to go to Moldova, I had this overwhelming desire to go. When I started to learn about the cultural environment that Moldavian youth are growing up in—50% of children orphaned and 1 in 10 trafficked—I became adamant about going to share HOPE in this dark place. As a musician, I view music as such a powerful ministry tool, and I love bringing the message of HOPE through it. While participating in this trip I am excited to use my passion for worship through music to share God’s love with the youth and young adults in Moldova. I can’t wait!

More on Josh: 21-year-old Architecture student from Waterloo Ontario. Starbucks Barista. Loves leading people into God’s presence through music.

ADRIENNE FUDGE– For the last two years I have been working in the rescue and recovery of sexually exploited victims in the fight against human trafficking. When I first heard about Modolva I had little to no knowledge about the country or it’s people. I soon found out its history and that one of its main issues is child trafficking. Immediately I knew that I needed to be a part of the team. My desire is to pair creativity and the arts with my experience in this field. I believe that God has a message of identity, wholeness and healing that He wants to unlock in the lives of these youth. I believe God has a plan of restoration and redemption for this ‘forgotten’ nation and I am excited to be a part of the journey in sharing His hope, love and purpose with them.

More on Adrienne: 26-year-old missionary living in L.A, California. Studied Pastoral Studies and Music Ministry at Vanguard College. Loves hair, makeup and fashion.