In Isaiah 6:8 - Isaiah says, "I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
"Whom shall I send? And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

We believe there is a generation of young people across Canada who are saying the same thing. We are partnering with students across Canada and giving them access to FREE Scriptures for personal witness and outreach on their campus.


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Don’t Just Compartmentalize

September causes most people to reorganize and reset for the fall season. We fill out our new schedules with new fall weekly routines, committing so much time here, and so much time there. Our fitness activities are in one box, our social ventures in another, our church-serving commitments in one area, and our work commitments another.

This seems to be quite a natural habit of human beings. We allot a certain amount of time to the many things we’re committed to in our day-to-day lives: 1 hour exercise, 8 hour work shift, or and 8 hour school day, 1 hour to relax, 1 hour for supper, 2 hours for study…

I’m a note taker. And growing up, on Sunday mornings I would always have my journal and pen ready to take down the highlights from that morning’s message. When the pastor would start rambling a little, or telling a story, I could still half-listen (you’ve all been there). I would start jotting down my entire schedule for that upcoming week.

7:00 First alarm

7:30 Get up and get ready for work

8:30 Devotions

9:00 Work begins

12:00 lunch with Crystal

1:00 Work again

4:30 Gym (Spin Class)

6:30 Make Supper (Cauliflower Pizza)

7:30 Prayer Meeting

9:00 Study for online course (History of Christianity)

11:00 Bed

And all of a sudden compartmentalizing our lives is in full swing. You get the picture. But one thing that isn’t slotted for a specific time is… “Share the Good News of the gospel.” And that is … okay.

For me, I have never really scheduled regular times to hit a certain park or coffee shop with a box of Bibles to give out—some people do, and that’s great; it works for them! But honestly, it has never been a time-slotted part of my weekly routine.

For me, written across this entire daily schedule, in imaginary bold red letters is SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL. It isn’t something I want to compartmentalize, or save for a Saturday afternoon. I want to be mindful that every second of our lives is a moment to share the Good News. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to intentional about sharing… we do. But it doesn’t have to be a scheduled “duty” that we check in and out of.

There are so many unique, creative ways the Holy Spirit leads us to share with people; it can happen at your workplace, on your lunch break, at your school, while making supper, picking up a coffee, while at the library studying.  We get to incorporate sharing in all that we do, everywhere we go.

We can let people know that Jesus Christ has their back. That God is for them, not against them. That God’s grace, love, and forgiveness is more than enough! That in God’s eyes, they are wonderful and loved.

Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy. 1 Peter 3:15

So don’t just compartmentalize sharing the Good News of the gospel to a specific time slot, but hold it as a mantra that covers your entire schedule—your entire life.

When we’ve experienced the grace of God and had a personal revelation of His amazing love, it overflows from within us.

Realistically, will sharing the Good News always be on our minds? I’m going to say no… we are human… we get distracted. And we can’t do it on our own—it’s impossible.

Cursed is the strong one who depends on mere humans, Who thinks he can make it on muscle alone and sets God aside as dead weight. He’s like tumbleweed on the prairie, out of touch with the good earth. He lives rootless and aimless in a land where nothing grows. Jeremiah 17:5

Don’t try and live this life of sharing the Good News on your own… It won’t work.

But I can say, that positioning ourselves to have a constant awareness of the countless opportunities to share Christ, invites us into the most exciting life we could ever live.

Where are you right now? What are you doing? Who are you with? In some way, you can communicate the Good News! Go for it! Be a messenger of Good News.

–Ashley Bonnell

Share your stories of walking out this life adventure of being messengers of Good News! We want to hear from you! 

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